We TV Turns People Into 'Bridezillas'

Richard Tedesco
May 19, 2008

Wannabe 'Bridezillas' based on the hit TV reality show can now make themselves over by uploading their pictures into original online videos based on the offbeat reality series.

Oddcast developed the idea and provided its proprietary 3D VideoStar software for the virtual Bridezilla makeovers starting on the show's site today. Visitors can transmute their mugs onto the bodies of the Web Bridezillas in one of six 15-second vignettes, choose from a few different voices to add for an audio track and send to friends.

So they become the ones making scenes and performing stunts just like the reality stars on the cult hit series, whose new season debuts June 1 on the Women's Entertainment Network.

Bridezillas will be populating personal Web sites and e-mails for several months and may revisit the promotion to plug the next season of the show, Adi Sideman, Oddcast president and CEO, said.

Sideman sees the "Bridezilla" stunt as the latest indicator of marketers making more tactical, interactive moves online in preference to 30-second TV ads.

"Advertisers and brands are looking to engage people for interaction by the user," Sideman says.

Oddcast has created two customized e-mail platforms for, most recently Monk-e-mail, enabling people to portray themselves as monkeys in personalized messages to friends. It also created Age-o-Matic for CareerBuilder, which enables users to alter their photos to look older.

Four other projects are in the works, according to Sideman.

Oddcast will use its 3D VideoStar software for a summer feature release for a major studio that will enable users to replace the actors' visages for their own in a scene from the movie. Oddcast is also creating other personalized brand messages this summer.

Oddcast also has avatars in its proprietary software arsenal, that animated a 'Cheerioke' campaign for Cheerios enabling kids and their moms to sing along with pop songs like "I'm Into Something Good" they could record while following a bouncing Cheerio.

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