MGM Home Entertainment Has More Fun With Faces

November 4, 2008

Oddcast, the vendor whose name you don't know but whose work you're all too familiar with, is at it again. This time, it's with MGM Home Entertainment. Put your face or the face of your friends into spoooooky scenes from iconic American thrillers at There's more.... is pretty straightforward. You put your face in the movie. You like the movie. You buy the movie. It's commerce married to marketing/media.

As we've said a million times, we like fun with faces because it represents a pushing of the boundaries of the storytelling abilities of the internet, something some people stupidly think is impossible. It engages the audience in a unique way, bringing them into the narrative. But, it's been done basically to death at this point. It's no longer groundbreaking. And unless it can start to be used to tell more meaningful stories, it will soon be thought of merely as a cute gimmick that was cutting edge for a minute.

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