HOW TO: Evaluate Your Social Media Plan

Meaghan Edelstein
June 25, 2010

It doesn't matter what business you're in - people want to be entertained. Find fun and fresh ways to keep your audience engaged. Dunkin' Donuts does this well through Facebook by creating fun and sharable content. For example, Maurice is a cartoon espresso bean who lives on the brand's Facebook Page.

"Maurice was created to raise awareness about our espresso and latte category. It was done in a way that is fun and light hearted but that drives the emotional connection. Instead of straight product talk, make it fun," Smith said.

And If you take a quick look around the social sites, you will see fun marketing is happening everywhere. On any given day you can see Syfy using Twitter in a fun and brand appropriate way. Engler said that sharing behind-the-scenes pictures of their shows or when an actor visits the office is always popular.

Brands put a lot of time and consideration into their offline media campaigns and this should also be done with online media. It's important to have the right people with authority and creativity running these platforms to assure the voice of your brand isn't off mark. Following the lead of brands who use social media effectively is a good start to informing yourself. If you're using social media platforms effectively it won't be long before you start seeing results.

"The payoff is that we have tens of thousands of viewers talking directly to us in an unfiltered way, which makes it a genuine conversation but on a tremendous scale. The byproduct of the conversation is that people will go out there and be ambassadors for our shows and our network, which is fantastic, but it's never been the end goal. The goal for me is always the conversation itself, a real back and forth with viewers that was just never possible before," said Engler.

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