Let the E*Trade talking babies speak for you

Brian Morrissey
February 2, 2010

The E*Trade talking-baby spots have a constituency, considering they're back for a third year (in ads from Grey) in this Sunday's Super Bowl. To pump up interest ahead of the game, E*Trade is checking off the viral box by mimicking CareerBuilder's popular Monk-e-mail effort from 2006. With BabyMail, you can have one of the E*Trade babies speak your message in an e-mail to friends. There's also, of course, the option to upload your own baby's photo. This is a close cousin of the Elf Yourself phenomenon that's been recycled to death. The genre never gets old for advertisers because it actually works. For whatever reason, people like to upload their faces onto things and make animations say stuff. Oddcast, which worked with CareerBuilder on Monk-e-mail, built the tech for BabyMail.

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