Island Style

Oddcast worked with Malibu and Carat to create Radio Maliboom Boom Video Shoot, a breakthrough AR experience that literally transported the user to a Malibu island paradise. The application encouraged users to tap into the infectious Caribbean mindset by transforming them, through their webcam, into a drink mixing, dancing, deck spinning island-style party animal.

Bring on the Sun

By combining our proprietary Head Tracking and Augmented Reality technologies, the application was able to respond seamlessly to the users' facial features and movements and immerse them in a tropical virtual world. Head Tracking recognized the user's face as a marker and tracked the nose, eyes, mouth, and other features of the user's face using only a webcam and Flash. With AR, users were able to relish a carefree Malibu summer experience, controlling their on-screen character and other objects in the island scenes with their own natural movements. For the first time using this technology, no download, plug-in, or installation was needed so the user was able to get interactive and engaged from the first click.

Results & Raves