Workday Respite

Oddcast worked with OfficeMax to create a unique Augmented Reality experience that celebrated their in-house brand, TUL, as the springboard for "Everyday Inspiration." With just a webcam or photo upload, Everyday Inspiration captures the essence of a user's social data and uses OfficeMax TUL pens to sketch beautiful 3D line art reflecting the user's social profile. By discovering Everyday Inspiration, the user's Facebook profile becomes a unique and share-able piece of art – starring the user.

Breakthrough Creative

Everyday Inspiration taps into over 80 different criteria to derive the unique drawings, from a person's latest status post to their favorite movies, music, TV shows – even their high school and pictures of their friends. All data is already publicly viewable in the person's Facebook profile. The real-time experience surprises and delights the user, as they see the things that inspire them come to life before their eyes. Connecting the real and the virtual, video and line-art drawing, through advanced AR and social data extraction methods, makes for a breakthrough social media experience.

Results & Raves

  • Watch the demo video
  • Check back soon for updated stats!
  • Average user engagement time: 3:26
  • 70% user engagement rate
  • 37% user Like rate
  • 14% of users who Liked, clicked on the OfficeMax offer